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Marcelo Alvarez &

Yolanda Aguirre

By Marilia Baker

foto yolamacThe Por of Two: Marcelo Alvarez, MD, and Yolanda Aguirre, MA, have been married for nearly 30 years. Theirs has been a happily productive partnership, where medicine, neu- roscience, the biological basis of human behaviors, hypnosis, and psychotherapy have found a solid home. This couple’s synergy is apparent through their many accomplishments over the decades. Yolanda and Marcelo consider their daughter and only child, Alejandra Elizabeth, known as Aleli (born in 1988), an integral part of their lifelong learnings, apprenticeships, and teachings as therapists. This family is, as they deem it: a happy, loving, inextricable “power of three.”



The Milton H. Erickson Institute de Ciudad

Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Interviewed by Marilia Baker, MSW

fotomacborrarMarcelo Alvarez, MD and Yolanda Aguirre, MA established the Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, in 2003. Other founding members were Juana Bengoa, MA and Patricia Bañuelos, MA. The Institute is located in the poor and disenfranchised town of Nezahualcoyotl – Nahuatl language for “the hungry coyote”- in the northeastern outskirts of Mexico City. Its logo is the Malinalli, meaning “dry grass from the Sunstone”, representing the 12th of the 20 glyphs of the Aztec Sunstone. According to Marcelo and Yolanda, in-depth researchers of indigenous healing practices, this symbol indicates the human capacity for regeneration and rebirth, associated with higher human development.



A Ceremony To Remember

foto2macborrarMexico We would like the Newsletter readers around the world to partake of a meaningful personal experience we went through, which has had positive and profound implications for our everyday clinical work with children, couples, families, and the communities we serve1.

Even though this significant moment in our life was not directly experienced with Milton H. Erickson himself, we feel immensely fortunate that his wife of 44 years, Elizabeth Moore Erickson was there for us, that three of his offspring were present, and the two foremost proponents and disseminators of his work, Jeff Zeig and Ernest Rossi officiated and blessed the deepening of our marital bonds.


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